Reason 5,784 I love FMA: It’s a terrific story of recovery.  

You endure something terrible, lose something unbelievably valuable, and at first you’re convinced you will die from the pain of it.  The future is black, it’s nothing.  But then you find it—a mission, a reason to keep living.  You find the untapped font of power inside yourself, the blue spark, the alchemy in your blood.  You realize that you can lose parts of yourself but still keep moving, you can push through the pain.

And then one day you realize that you’ve found what you’re looking for, that it doesn’t hurt so much anymore, and on that day you can give up the crutch you’ve been leaning on, the power you’ve been using to keep yourself alive.  You can hand it all back without regrets, because now there are so many things that are infinitely more valuable.