Hurray for the b/w plus yellow palette.

omfg the dude in Nozaki’s class thinking Chiyo and Nozaki are doing kinky roleplay

Anonymous whispered: so how does the whole yuletide thing work? :o

Basically, it’s a small fandom Secret Santa. You fill out a sign-up form detailing what possible fics you’d like to receive, as well as which fandoms you’d be willing to write for. Then when sign-ups close the mods go through and match people up. The fics are due December 20th, and they are posted on Christmas. They stay anonymous until New Years.

Beyond the fact that I love writing for prompts, it’s a really good way to get some fic for any super obscure fandoms you’re into.

You sign up here. You’ll need an Ao3 account—I have 1 invite code left if anyone who doesn’t have an account and wants one right away.

Hope that helps, Anon!

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! Welcome to my letter! Thanks for endeavoring to write something for me.

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Makoto drabble

It’s been pointed out to me that Makoto has been sadly neglected in the drabble department. I’m setting out to rectify this.

Makoto, cyberpunk AU, backstory

sfw, about 400 words

The South Hill district is too far out for the gangs to show it much interest, but Makoto knows an enforcer when he sees one.

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I made that last post by accident, but I think it sums up my blog pretty well.